TECHGEEK Podcast 13: Playbook not playboy…

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In this week’s TECHGEEK Podcast, we discuss the Playbook, the over-growing number of Android tablets, and Google now has Street View in Antarctica. Yes, that place that is slowly melting away.

Oh, and we got some new sound effects for Stewart’s Briefs… too bad we got a bit over-excited about them.

TECHGEEK Podcast is released every Sunday at midnight – with the exception of today’s episode because I’m feeling out of the blue.

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BlackBerry 7″ Tablet announced at Developer Conference

Samsung Galaxy Tab on sale in UK on November 1, will be available from all major carriers

Dell launching 7-inch Android tablet in ‘next few weeks,’ 10-incher to follow a few months later

Rumor: An Amazon Android Tablet May Follow The Amazon Android App Store

Nintendo 3DS release in March 2011

Windows Phone US launch is November 8

HTC Spark leaked in the wild, shows off plenty of WP7 goodness

Goldman Sachs says Apple planning thinner iPad with camera, mini USB

Teardown reveals Apple TV, iPad likeness

Confirmed: Apple TV can play 1080p content from iTunes, but still only outputs 720p

Failures in mobile space cost Steve Ballmer half his bonus

Microsoft fights Google over Android

Android market now open to Aussie apps

Facebook’s Foursquare clone launches in Australia

Sony, Warner, Disney Planning $30 Home Film-Viewing Option

Google Street View now covers all the continents, including Antarctica,-59.901783&panoid=wh0K3pUCdcbN3F9yFSx8aw&cbp=12,155.85,,0,5.29&hq=&hnear=Antarctica&source=embed&ll=-62.595711,-59.901667&spn=0.032276,0.077162&z=14

STEWART’S BRIEFS (Now with sound effects)

Apple TV restores in iTunes via micro-USB, UI hacked onto iPod touch (video)

Six Android browsers enter the ring, only one reigns supreme

TEGA Tablet v2 release date 12th October

Facebook improves Photos, adds high-res image uploads

Wireless USB reaches revision 1.1, makes for smarter and more efficient toys

TechCrunch gets sold to AOL

7PLUS now available on Aussie PS3s

Segway company owner dies in apparent Segway accident

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