Facebook improves Photos, adds high-res image uploads

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Facebook has today announced that it will increase the resolution of its images on Photos, allowing better quality photos than those ones currently featured. The maximum resolution will be 2048 pixels, according to Facebook. The great thing as well is that this is free. No additional payments needed. For those who enjoy uploading photos, this means that beautiful image can be preserved in its high-quality state. It also does mean that your drunk pictures are in a bigger size and better quality than before.

Also coming is a brand new photo viewer, allowing an easier way to navigate through photos, and a new Lightbox-esque popup will appear rather than a new page. Tagging and uploading have also been improved, and will use “latest Flash technology” – according to Facebook – to improve their Flash uploader to be more stable and reliable.

Also great is the option to have it in standard and high-resolution quality, meaning that those images you don’t want to have in high-resolution or just don’t have the capacity to do because of your internet, you can switch between the two.

This is obviously a ploy to keep its image sharing feature in competition with Flickr, which offers better navigation and quality image uploads but offers a small upload limit per month. For Facebook, it is a long awaited improvement for those who use Facebook to showcase their portfolio – but then again, there are better options than Facebook to do so.

The new feature is being rolled out to all Facebook users over the next month or so, according to the social networking site.