iPhone 4 to be sold in China on Sept 25

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iPhone lovers in China can now rejoice as they will soon join the long list of countries that will be getting the iPhone 4 roll out, according to an Apple press release.

The phone, which has been known to have problems with the antenna, screen and camera, will be hitting store shelves in all Apple retail stores in China on September 25 at 8am; including the new Apple Stores in Shanghai and Beijing, which open on the same day.

The phone comes with a two-year contract with government-owned China Unicom, and will sell at an unsubsidised price of CNY 4,999 ($730 AUD)  for the 16GB model and CNY 5,999 ($952 AUD) for the 32GB model. China Unicom haven’t released their subsided pricing as of yet.

China is known to have strict regulations on devices, and it has affected several of Apple’s recent products. The iPhone 3G was allowed in only if it disabled the Wi-Fi antenna, and the iPad was only allowed in its Wi-Fi only form. The 3G model most likely will not see the light of day in China until next year (hopefully). These limits was because of China’s own standard for Wi-Fi, WAPI (Wired Authentication and Privacy Infrastructure), was not implemented in the devices.

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