Flickr reaches 5 billion photos uploaded mark

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Turns out, Flickr has topped over 5 billion photos, according to Media Culpa – who apparently have enough time to track what is happening on Flickr (among other social networking sites).

And no, the one on the right is not the five billionth photo.

According to the site, Flickr apparently adds a billion photos per year. Facebook, however, is reported to have 2.5 billion photos added per year; but you can’t really compare the two, mainly because Facebook has more users.

If you want to see it, it’s after the jump.

Yeah, it’s not really interesting. The image, called “Woodwards Collage” was taken by user yeoaaron from Canada. And yes, it is the five-billionth photo, according to Flickr’s ID of the photo.

Image of the one that is not the 5 billionth photo from: kennymatic/Flickr