HTC brings out stylish Desire HD, Desire Z

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Thought HTC couldn’t get better? Well, it just proven that wrong. The popular mobile maker has announced two new phones that will join its lineup of Android phones – the Desire HD and the Desire Z. The two phones will run on Android, and will be out in major European and Asian markets. Desire Z is to be released in North America later in the year.

The HTC Desire HD will have a large 4.3-inch LCD display, and will feature the new 1GHz Qualcomm 8255 Snapdragon processor, and will have Dolby Mobile and SRS virtual sound – making it sound superb. It will have 720p recording and an 8-megapixel camera with dual-flash.

The Desire Z, however, is will have a touchscreen and a QWERTY keyboard, and is designed for those on the go. It will have a 800MHz processor, but will also have 720p HD recording on a 5-megapixel camera with automatic flash. It also will keep you updated with your social networks.

This announcement comes with a preview of the new HTC Sense UI for Android, with a new feature called HTC Locations – a GPS service that allows you to have on-demand mapping without the delays of downloading and roaming charges. It also includes an e-book store from Kobo, and a new e-reader that can highlight, annotate and quickly find what you are looking for.

It also offers its own MobileMe-esque service with This lets them manage their phone from their PC, like locating their phone, or even send messages to the phone if it is lost or stolen. It will also have remote wipe, and access to exclusive HTC content. No word if this will be free or a paid subscription service.

Full PR is below:

HTC Corporation, a global designer of smartphones, today unveiled a new HTC Sense experience with the new HTC Desire HD™ and HTC Desire Z™ Android-based smartphones.  The new HTC Sense experience continues HTC’s strong focus on the customer, placing people at the center by simply making its phones work in a more personal and natural way. HTC Sense introduces a number of key innovations including a series of connected services called that enhance people’s mobile experience on HTC phones.

“We’re excited to be taking the HTC Sense experience beyond the phone to a whole new level with a series of connected HTC services we call,” said Peter Chou, CEO of HTC Corporation. “Our customers will value the holistic approach we’re taking to enhance their mobile experience. This customer-first philosophy has resonated with people buying HTC phones and this drives us to continue introducing new innovative smartphones like the HTC Desire HD and HTC Desire Z.”

“As a key Android partner and smartphone brand, HTC continues to bring new innovation to the platform,” said Andy Rubin, VP engineering at Google.  “Android is about choice and the new HTC smartphones continue to provide customers with powerful choices and flexibility.”

HTC Sense

The new HTC Sense experience offers a variety of enhancements that improve how people capture, create, share and access multimedia content. With a newly created camera experience, people can record HD videos or capture and edit images with a variety of fun camera effects. With HTC Locations, a new differentiated online mapping experience, people have instant, on-demand mapping without download delays or incurring mobile roaming charges.

HTC Sense also includes a new integrated online e-reading experience utilizing a new e-book store powered by Kobo™ and a new, mobile-optimized e-reader that includes the ability to highlight, annotate and quickly search for definitions or translate unfamiliar terms.

With the new service, people can simply manage their mobile phone experience from their HTC phone or personal computer. For example, people can easily locate a missing phone by triggering the handset to ring loudly, even if it is set to silent, or to flag its location on a map. If the phone’s been lost or stolen, users can remotely lock the phone, forward calls and texts to another phone, send a message to the phone to arrange its return or even remotely wipe all personal data from it. makes it easy to setup a new HTC phone or access archived mobile content such as contacts, text messages and call history from a PC browser. People can also customize their phones with exclusive HTC content like wallpapers, HTC scenes, sounds or plug-ins.

HTC Desire HD

HTC Desire HD showcases outstanding multimedia content with its bright 4.3″ LCD display and Dolby Mobile and SRS virtual sound and is the first to be powered by the new 1GHz Qualcomm 8255 Snapdragon processor. The HTC Desire HD enables 720p HD video recording and includes an 8-megapixel camera with dual-flash.  Building on the unibody heritage of the HTC Legend, the HTC Desire HD is sculpted from a block of solid aluminum and exudes the air of quality and strength that HTC has come to be known for.  It also includes the new HTC Fast Boot that enables people to quickly make a call or check emails by shortening the time taken to complete the power-up sequence.

HTC Desire Z

For people constantly on the go, HTC Desire Z makes it quick and easy to stay connected with friends on Facebook and Twitter or with colleagues and customers at work. HTC Desire Z features a unique ‘pop hinge’ that opens to reveal a QWERTY keyboard for fast, convenient typing. HTC Desire Z’s keyboard also includes a variety of keyboard shortcuts and two customizable keys for providing instant access to common functions without the need to open menus.  HTC Desire Z also includes 720p HD video recording and a 5-megapixel camera with automatic flash. It is the first phone to utilize the new 800MHz Qualcomm 7230 processor for improved performance and battery life and also includes HTC Fast Boot.


The new HTC Desire HD and HTC Desire Z will be broadly available through mobile operators and retailers across major European and Asian markets from October 2010 with the HTC Desire Z shipping in North America later this year.