FaceTime to meet Windows, OSX. 64-bit “iDVD-less” iLife due 2011.

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Apple Store GenericRUMOUR MILL: According to the French site Mac4Ever, there will be a new, mystery application that will replace iDVD in the iLife ’11 suite.

The site also says that the entire iLife range will become native 64-bit (possibly iTunes as well).

While this may be as a shock to some, it is expected as Apple moves forward in blurring the line between pro and family-able applications. 64-bit would mean your iMovies and alike will become a lot faster by utilising Grand Central Dispatch as well as 64-bit only speed and stability.

Mac4Ever also makes the bold prediction that Apple is preparing a new application for Windows that will allow for FaceTime on a Windows PC and adding support for FaceTime in iChat. While adding support in iChat is expected, it will be interesting to see how Apple play the PC-card in this field of social networking.

And for those of you who have forgotten, FaceTime is an open-source technology, headed by Apple, that will be “on tens of millions of devices” by the end of the year, according to Mr. Jobs.

Oh, and one more thing… check back soon for Stewart’s iPad review too. Let me just say on the matter of iPad, it’s definitely worth the money.

Source: AppleInsider Article

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