Samsung releases their version of the iPad

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Good news, Samsung’s tablet, the Galaxy Tab, was officially released last night though It was not like we didn’t know that it was coming as it was spotted on a Sydney Train around a week ago. Samsung said that the tablet is planned for release in Q4 of 2010 and should be available before Christmas.

This tablet features a 7 inch LCD display, 16 GB Storage, paired with WiFi and 3G. It also has a 3 MP rear camera and a 1.3 MP front camera for video calling. The tablet will be powered by Android 2.2. You will also be able to add up an extra 32 GB of storage via Micro SD. The Galaxy Tab can also make phone calls, send and receive SMS and MMS and use Flash in the web browser.

There is no pricing out yet and it is still unknown as to whether it will be sold on a plan or outright or a combination of both. We look forward to seeing this product on the market to compete with the iPad and also look forward to reviewing it in the future.

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