Apple admits proximity sensor still not fixed

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Yes, we know that most of the Apple news that we have posted in the past month have been negative about Apple – mainly because the pro-Apple fanboy James is busy with study – but Apple has made a rare acknowledgement that the proximity sensor has not been fixed yet, despite an update coming soon.

An upcoming update, version 4.1 of the iOS mobile operating system, appears not to have a fix; and it was confirmed by Fiona Martin from Apple Australia, after being questioned by Fairfax’s Ben Grubb.

This goes against what Steve Jobs said at the press conference about the signal issues, saying that he will release it when they release it with the next major iOS4 upgrade.

The proximity sensor determines how close your face is to the iPhone, meaning that your face does not hang up the call, or do any other things during the call. However, users have reported problems with the sensor as many found that they could end the call by simply using their cheek when it is pressed on the screen.