iPhone 4 camera mystery tint causes problems

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Antennagate has been a huge problem in the United States, but now another controversy? A new defect has been reported by many users, and this time with the phone’s camera as many photos are being obscured by a mysterious bluish-green tinge on the image.

The problem can be seen on the right.

Tech blog TechAU.tv is reporting that this fault only occurs when taking images using the rear-facing camera under indoor lighting conditions using fluorescent lights.

The website is also reporting that it happens also on the front facing camera, but “not as severe”, as well as video recording.

However, it appears to be happening to many users around the world – including in the United States, which received the phone a month before Australian customers – with several forums dedicated on Apple reporting problems.

The Apple Support forums are also reporting similar problems with the camera:

The phone seems to not work well under florescent light. I took side by side pics with my 3GS, and it had no issues while the iphone 4 produced pics with excessive yellow. Does it every time. I called Apple and they have never heard of this.

I’ve noticed the increasing yellow/orange hues in low-light as well. I’ve also noticed purple hues when taking photos of predominantly white/light-colored things, like paper, walls, etc. Has anyone else noticed this?

Basically, if one color is consistent throughout the entire frame of the camera, one side will be off-color. Try it with a shot at a completely uniform blue sky, or a piece of white paper. It’s disheartening. I also hope this is correctable via software.

To be fair on Apple, the Samsung Omnia II are also reporting issues of a similar nature. However, for Apple, this is another damaging fault and possibly sees that Apple’s iPhone 4 was rushed to market in order to combat the Android threat. The problemsĀ  with the phone include the antenna and the proximity sensor.

The timing of the departure of Mark Papermaster, the guy in charge of enginnering the iPhone and a controversial addition to Apple from IBM which resulted in a civil suit that failed, also indicates the problems of the iPhone 4 were often neglected.

Image by: Anthony Agius/MacTalk