TECHGEEK Podcast #7: We just got hung

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Here is the recorded version of the TECHGEEK Podcast Live Election Edition. This podcast was broadcasted live during the hours of 7.30PM to 8.30PM via Ustream to the world. This podcast has a mix of election news, results, tech news and rantings. With us today is Terence, Stewart, James and Tom.

We apologise for the limited organisation of this podcast and the¬†spontaneous¬†internet drop out at our recording location. Next week’s podcast should be much more organised and return to normal.


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Facebook Dislike Button Scam

Introducting Facebook Places

HP WebOS Tablet

Windows 7 is a hit!

App Store being looked at by Australian Ratings Board

iiNet introduces a 1TB ADSL2+ Plan

7 inch iPad on the way?