Election 2010: Hung parliament looms over our heads

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While Climate Change remain a top issue, so does the NBN and the filter scheme. However, we might not know the outcomes of these ideas as we are left wondering who will be forming a government, as we wake up knowing that we may have a hung parliament.

And we are getting some conflicting predictions. Seven is say 72-71 to Labor, while ABC is predicting 70-72. AEC, however, is reporting a 71-71 seat each (all of these are as of writing time).

But what does that mean? It means Labor must attract the independents and the Greens candidate in order to get over the 76 line, or at least have a majority – and that could mean giving them positions in the ministry if need be. Most likely to go will be Peter Garret as Environment Minister, most likely – in order to facilitate a power share with the Greens – to be given to a Greens MP.

It also does mean that there is a risk of a dissolution of the House of Representatives.

However, but what does that mean for the NBN? We seriously don’t know. Labor wants it. Liberal wants to scrap it. Greens, however, also want to keep it – the only problem is that scrapping the NBN is not a power by Parliament, but by the Government.

The Filter, however, must be legislated by parliament – and with both Liberals and Greens opposed to such a move, it would see no filter plan by Labor to be successful as the Greens will most likely cross the floor.

Only time will tell, however, on who will be the next PM.

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