TECHGEEK Podcast #7 Foreword: Election Special

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So it seems that the Australian Election is on tomorrow and TECHGEEK is having a very special podcast for it.

We have decided it will be a live podcast where listeners will be able to interact with the presenters via SMS, Phone and Twitter. The podcast will feature the latest in the election news and also feature tech news throughout of week. However, we will be recording another podcast on Sunday with a full wrap of Election News.

So join in the fun tomorrow at around 7.30PM with the Live Edition of the TECHGEEK Podcast for the 21st of August 2010.

Find out more information after the jump.

Our stream will be provided by our bandwidth supplier. The stream will start at 7.00PM with some light music. At approx. 7.30PM the normal routine of recording the TECHGEEK Podcast will begin. It should last approx. 1 hour.

Below are the contact details for the live edition of the podcast to get through to the presenters. Please note: Any callers will be featured during the live show and on the final recording. Please do not ring if you do not want your voice recorded.

Contact Details

SMS: 0466 282 356
Phone: 1300 358 161 (or +61 2 8014 5504 internationally)
Twitter: @techgeekcomau
Please note any spam to the above numbers will be dealt with.

Stream information will be published around 6PM. Hope to see you on the day!

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