New Nikon brings Hi-Def video to its DSLR range

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Nikon have announced the latest member in their DSLR lineup, a refreshed entry-level unit called the D3100.  Following the release of the D3000 in July last year, this new upgraded release is similar in looks and size, but boasts some handy and welcome features over its predecessor.

The D3100 has become the first in Nikons range with the capability of 1080p high-definition video recording whilst featuring an 11-point auto-focusing system.  Furthermore the megapixel count has been upped from 10.2 to 14.2, with users also having the option of shooting using Live View.  The camera also includes a new step-by-step guide mode which navigates through all the functions and shooting modes of the camera.

With this feature-packed release, Nikon have raised the bar as to what we can now expect from entry-level DSLRs.  The D3100 hits Australian stores on September 17, but as of yet we are without any official announcement on pricing, although if word on the street is anything to go by, you should expect to be forking out somewhere around the $700 mark for the D3100 with a kit lens.

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