App Store currently being looked at by Australian Ratings Board

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Mobile Gaming has changed alot over time. What used to be quick time wasters can now be full-blown games that spice up your wait at the Bus Stop. But what the Australian Government may be considering would be a big slap in the face to all developers of mobile entertainment.

They’re considering forcing developers of these mobile games to submit their games to the Australian Classification Board so they can be given those colourful ratings, like G, PG, M, MA and….oh wait still no R18+.

And while this may be acceptable, the OFLC charges AUD$470-$2040 to classify any games. And if the Government does decide to enforce this, after the loophole was brought to their attention by the OFLC last year, expect to see many Apps pulled from the Australian App Store because, at the $1.19 starting point, taking away $470-$2040 from these, mostly small, developers could make it a too risky market, leaving us with nothing but EA games.

We can only hope Australia’s Attorney General’s doesn’t decide to destroy the local and international market.