Leaked pictures show off Nokia N9 – first to run MeeGo?

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While iPhones get more press attention when leaked, and certainly some Android phones, there’s not much said about any leaks on Nokia’s phones – unless they happen to be a really really good phone. And we are placing bets this will be one too.

Images of the phone the phone, called the Nokia N9, were leaked on the website IntoMobile; and the phone is pretty much a slider and will feature a QWERTY keyboard.

However, what’s significant is that it will be Nokia’s first MeeGo device – the new OS that merges Intel’s Moblin and Nokia’s Maemo. It is rumoured that the device will be announced during Nokia World, which happens next month, and expect this to be pricey because of the N moniker.

And that’s about it. We really don’t know any other specs, but you can assume that it will be getting a 1GHz processor – hopefully, because that seems to be the norm for many smartphones.