iiNet changes broadband plans – offers 500GB on/off peak

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iINet has announced today a huge overhaul of its broadband plans, including claiming to have Australia’s first plan to have a download quota of one terabyte – 500GB onpeak and 500GB offpeak – and are set to be as affordable as the previous plans from the ISP.

“iiNet is moving Australian broadband forward,” CEO Michael Malone said. “We’ve built a high performance network over the past five years, including great long term deals with our suppliers. We have oodles of bandwidth and it’s about time we used it.”

“Today we continue to lead the market with our latest innovation – Australia’s first one terabyte plan. It’s backed up by the best customer service, our high performance network and a reputation for delivering.”

“This isn’t about big plans, it’s about sustainable plans.”

Depending on your choice of ADSL2+ or ADSL, the 500GB plans will be offered at $99.95 on an ADSL2+ bundled plan or $119.95 on an ADSL bundled plan. Unfortunately, Naked DSL will not have that same choice, nor will those who want an unbundled plan, with the maximum is 200GB on/off peak set at $119.95 (ADSL) and $99.95 (ADSL2). Naked DSL’s maximum is 300GB at a price tag of $119.95.

Other plans start at 10GB on/off peak for ADSL2+ customers at $29.95 bundled or $39.95 unbundled; or 5GB on/off peak for ADSL customers for $34.95 bundled or $39.95 unbundled.

Business customers also see similar plans with their residential counterparts, but will be spending a bit more – as the speed shaping speed (the speed when you over your download quota) is increased from 128kbps or 256kbps to 256kbps or 512kbps – depending on the plan. As well, business customers will have a static IP address – meaning that it will not change, unlike other IP addresses, when its lease expires.

The new plans seems to be a response to television catchup services from other networks – more recently by Seven’s PLUS7 and Nine’s FixPlay. It currently has ABC iView as part of its unmetered lineup, however ABC News 24 is currently metered because of its video infrastructure.

iiNet, however, claims that the new 500GB plans will still allow users to watch ABC News 24 continually for the entire month and still have more than half of their quota remaining.

The new plans are set to be available to customers on August 20, with Naked DSL customers will change to the new plans at no extra cost. Other iiNet customers will still have their existing plans available, until they choose to change to the new plans.

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