Overheating iPod stops Tokyo train during rush hour

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Unlike here where Metro Trains have the luxury of having a 15 minute allowance of being late, Japan takes late trains seriously – heck, drivers can be fined for being late over a minute than the expected time.

Well, the drivers don’t have to blame themselves today, when a train delayed the entire network for just eight minutes during the morning rush hour. They can blame someone’s overheating iPod.

Yes, an overheating iPod.

You thought that would have ended by now, did you?

“When a member of staff went to investigate inside the train, a passenger came over showing him that the iPod she was listening to had burst apart,” a spokesperson told Reuters. No injuries have been reported.

Turns out, an overheating iPod is an emerging problem in Japan. There have been sixty different incidents, with four cases involving minor burns; and Apple have blamed the incident on a single battery supplier – which, of course, have not named. It also is running a recall program to replace those affected.

The model isn’t exactly clear, however, but we can speculate that it was the first-generation iPod nano, because it has been known to cause problems.