Wikileaks to publish more Afghanistan docs

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Wikileaks, the notorious website known for leaking classified documents, is said to be publishing the last batch of documents on the current Afghanistan war within weeks, according to wire service AFP.

Spokesperson and founder Julian Assange said in a press conference in Stockholm that the are “about halfway through” of the final batch of the 15,000 classified files leaked on the site, and that it is just “a couple of weeks” before it will release them.

The site has released 76,000 documents relating to the war and includes reports of civilian casualties and suggested links between the intelligence service of Pakistan with the Taliban.

The Pentagon, however, remains hopeful that Wikileaks will not publish the files. Its spokesperson told the wire service, “We still are hopeful that WikiLeaks will not publish those documents and put further lives at risk.”

“We are concerned that the additional documents that they have may cause even greater risks than the ones they released previously.”

Debate still continues over whether this brings more attention to the public debate, or is a security risk to many of the soldiers currently based in Afghanistan, including troops from Australia and New Zealand. The recent voice in this debate, Reporters without Borders – which has supported past works by Wikileaks – has criticised the site as it could people at risk because it reveals real names of those working with the US.

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