US: New iPhone coming to Verizon?

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RUMOUR MILL: While we have the luxury to choose a carrier for the iPhone, in the US, they do not – stuck with using AT&T, which has been criticised for poor network coverage in the main areas where the iPhone is sold (San Francisco and New York). But today, a new rumour popped up – a new iPhone just for the US carrier Verizon.

While this has been kicking in the dirt for years, the new Verzion iPhone was confirmed by SyFi’s DVICE blog, and its source says that it will have a larger screen and a faster processor – 1.2GHz to be precise. But also new is a brand new antenna – now being an internal one not external.

But you may say, why make a new phone just for Verizon? Well, unlike every other carrier, Verizon is not on the popular GSM network and using CDMA. However, no word if this will be an 4G phone, more precisely LTE.

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