Sony Ericsson to build PSP phone, threat to iPhone?

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RUMOUR MILL: A report has claimed that Sony Ericsson is working on creating a brand new Android phone that will feature a new gaming ecosystem based around the Playstation.

The report, from Engadget, claims that the Phone will be a cross between the Samsung Captivate and the PSP Go, and features the controls of the PSP Go instead of a QWERTY keyboard.

Hardware side, the device is said to have a screen that is between 3.7-inch and 4.1-inch in size, a 5 megapixel camera and a 1GHz Snapdragon processor. It also said that it will feature Android 3.0 – which is not even out yet.

It also looks like to be a partnership between Sony and Google, as a section of the Android Market will be specifically for games, not applications that are games, with the graphics of the game said to be within a normal PSP game or might be a bit lower in quality. Sony exclusive titles like LittleBigPlanet are expected to be ported.

However, does this bring a threat to the iPhone’s gaming atmosphere that Apple is trying to promote with the Game Centre social networking-esque feature that was announced in April? Well, with Android trying to bring some of a gaming element to the system, and with backing from Sony, it could be a killer combination that rivals the Apple’s own implementation.