NBN 100x Faster than Originally Anticipated

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When the National Broadband Network was announced, we were told that it would reach speeds of 100 Mbps but now NBN Co. has come out saying that the NBN will reach speeds of 1 Gbps meaning that the NBN will be 100 times faster than originally planned and just under 170 times faster than the average ADSL connection.

Even though the NBN is getting a huge speed increase, the costing for the network remains the same, $43 billion. This is because the feature to provide faster speeds is already built into the equipment that NBN Co. are using. The speed of the NBN can be upgraded to get even faster internet in the future.

The NBN would be sold to retailers at 1 Gbps with no limit on downloads though this is unlikely to be passed through to consumers as some ISP’s like Internode say it is unreasonable for consumers to have unlimited downloads.

Image Credits: Kainet/Flickr