Apple Peel 520 goes white before iPhone 4

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You have all heard of the Apple Peel 520, right? Well its a silicon case for the iPod touch which actually contains the parts from the iPhone that are not in the iPod touch in order to turn you iPod Touch into a makeshift iPhone. Well the Apple Peel 520 is now being made in white which has beaten the white iPhone 4 which has currently been delayed.

While apparently the Apple Peel 520 hasn’t been released yet, there was one on eBay going for around $40 AU in the colors black, grey or white unlike the iPhone 4 which only comes in black because, according to the rumors, has been delayed because of light leakage through its case.

The thought that you could get a makeshift iPhone for under $300 is pretty appealing, though you may be shocked to find out that you can only make calls and send texts from your makeshift iPhone as there is no GPRS as of yet. Also, if you do want to make calls and send texts your iPod needs to be jail-broken (according to eBay listing).

This is a neat idea and all but I wonder how reliable it is and whether it suffers from any antenna problems like the real iPhone. If this is your sort of thing, have fun and let us know what it’s like.