Christian lobby angry over Coalition stance

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ELECTION 2010: The Australian Christian Lobby has gone on the attack to defend the filter proposal after it was revealed by Joe Hockey that the Coalition will be going against the filter on ABC/Triple J’s news program Hack, and scrapping the proposal if it wins government.

Jim Wallace, the Managing Director of the lobby, has called the move “incomprehensible”.

“It is extremely disappointing to see the Coalition adopt a policy that, as the civil libertarians behind it intend, will establish a principle where this medium is beyond regulation – quite unlike the supposedly free seas,” Wallace said in a statement.

“Firstly to say it doesn’t work is to deny the trials that show it does. Secondly to have a system that orders takedown notices for Australian sites carrying Refused Classification (RC) material, but allow it to come in unhindered from overseas sites is simply illogical.”

He has also disagreed with the Coalition’s standpoint that parents, not the Government and ISPs, should be the one who should regulate what their children see online.

“To imply that parents rather than the ISPs are best equipped to manage the technology by presumably introducing the discredited Net Nanny system, again simply defies technological reality,” Wallace has said.

Also in the statement, he has called opponents of the filter – like us – as conspiracy theorists thinking that the filter will make Australia more like China and North Korea.

“On every level arguments against ISP level blocking of RC material have been disproved or shown to be illogical.”

Wallace has also criticised the US Ambassador for his stance, saying that the country blocks the importing of drugs and equates internet filtering to drugs – which is hardly credible.

Yes, we know. He’s a big douche.

Image by: Skye Suicide/Flickr