Hockey: Liberals oppose Conroy’s internet filter

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ELECTION 2010: While Labor still is backing the controversial internet filter, the Liberals have finally confirmed that they will oppose the filter along with the Greens.

Shadow Treasurer Joe Hockey, talking to ABC/Triple J’s Hack program, has stated that it will block the filter if Labor wins the upcoming election.

“We believe the internet filter will not work and we believe it’s flawed policy,” Hockey told the program.

“It is not going to capture a whole lot of images and chatter that we all find offensive that are going through email.”

“The filter does not work. [The] ISP-based filter system does not work. Therefore it creates a level of assumption of trust that cannot be met by the technology.”

Before the 2007 election, which Labor returned to power after four terms of John Howard, the Liberals introduced a free filtering application that gave parents the option to download for free. The program was also notable by how easy it was to circumvent – granted, the child would need to be very techy to do so. Labor scrapped that plan, and introduced the filter as a replacement to the scheme.

Hockey confirms that he will be voting against the bill, if it hits Parliament, and states that the Liberal Party will continue with their previous policy of giving parents more control, rather than the government to decide. Hockey states that the Liberal Party will be announcing more of this policy later in the campaign.

Image by: jthommo101/Flickr