Sharp to have 3D smartphone this year, no glasses required

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Thought 3D would be dead? It has infected movies, televisions and gaming, and the most logical step has to be mobile phones. Right? Sharp is said to be releasing a 3D-capable smartphone sometime in the year. However, you will not need to wear any glasses, a la the Nintendo 3DS. A spokesperson for the company, telling Reuters, said that it will likely have a 3D capable camera.

And like all these types of announcements, nothing else has been confirmed or denied.

However, expect this to be only seen in Japan. While Sharp is a well known company in Japan, it does not have a huge presence around the world – with one of its projects, the KIN phone with Microsoft, flopped, seeing Verizon returning the leftover stock and a planned European launch cancelled. Ouch.

Though, with the iPhones, Androids and BlackBerry phones (and yes, Windows Mobile too – despite being a dying breed) out there in the market, is there a need for one in the market?