USB hub lets you control your ports like a power board

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Ever got tired of pulling the port of an external hard drive for a few minutes but realise you have just messed up your configuration? Me neither, yet it is such a problem that Japanese electronics manufacturer Elecom has tapped into to make a USB hub that allows you to simply switch off the device from being connected to your computer, rather than pulling it out – just like a power board.

Great thing is it also double as a power recharger for USB devices (for certain models), meaning that you can take this on the go and charge your iPod without paying money for an iPod recharger. Also included are some stickers (which are in English) that will help identify the port for each device.

It comes in three versions – a four port version with the USB option, and a four-port and seven-port options with the power recharging capabilities. It comes in Black or Silver, and costs starts at ¥3,700.00 (or AU$47.19), and is already on sale in Japan – and for those not living in the land of the rising sun, it is also on GeekStuff4U.

Yeah, my Japanese is rusty – well, nearly non-existent – so some of what I just wrote is based on the pictures.