Telstra says iPhone 4 coming back on Wednesday

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With the iPhone 4 frenzy last week, it was no surprise that all four carriers would have sold out their stock of the device – which will be a shame for many, especially those who didn’t pre-order the device. Well now, we have one carrier that has confirmed the date of when some more will be out in the store shelves – Telstra.

Telstra has said, in a blog post in its Exchange blog that the phones will be coming back on sale, after a few days being sold out, on Wednesday with some new stock expected to be arriving to your nearest stores.

Sadly, if you haven’t gotten a pre-order, you will most likely be turned away from getting the device or asked to fill in the form as priority will be given to those who have pre-orders or indicated their interest online.

We’re also guessing this policy applies to all carriers – not just Telstra – in order to meet demand. If you’re really patient, why not wait a little while. Maybe that antenna problem is fixed.

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