Facebook claimer would hire Zuckerberg, claim based on possible-forged contract

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Yes, it’s that guy. You know, that guy who claims that he owns 84 percent of the social networking website Facebook (which I might add, is a total bullsh*t claim in the first place). He does have a name – Paul Ceglia.

Ceglia’s claim is based on a contract and a US$1,000 cheque signed to him by Zuckerberg – with the contract mentioning a $1,000 investment into The Face Book while he pays Zuckerberg $1,000 for developing a program for his company StreetFax.

However, as Bloomberg points out, the contract has some inconsistencies – like mentioning “The Face Book” on one part, and then mentioning “The Page Book” in another. As well, Ceglia has not made the real thing public, though his lawyer is saying it is in a safe place.

“The copy we’ve seen is a forgery, with inconsistent margin sizes, inconsistent font sizes, and other glaring discrepancies,” Facebook said.

In an interview with Bloomberg, Ceglia is also claiming that he has other evidence – including a year’s worth of e-mails – and answering the question why it has taken him this long to file a suit, says that he only found the contract after being sued by the New York’s Attorney General’s office over his pellet business.

In the interview, he remembers a young Zuckerberg:

Ceglia said he remembers the 18-year-old Zuckerberg as “probably one of the most difficult people that ever worked for me, in the sense that he simply could not finish his work. He just could not keep a deadline.”

Zuckerberg often made excuses for getting his work in late, including that he had to wash his father’s boat and that he’d left his laptop charger at home, Ceglia said.

“The work he did was really good,” Ceglia said. “He could code. I’d hire him today as a coder.”

What’s interesting is that Ceglia may be willing to hire Zuckerberg in the new Facebook, most likely taking the same role he has been doing – managing the entire network.

“If at some point in the future I start running Facebook, I guess I’m going to have to hire him to keep running the company,” Ceglia told Bloomberg.

“I really don’t have much interest in it.”

Wellsville Daily, a local newspaper in the area, has posted the full claim on its website.

But what’s even interesting is that there is another claimant, with Andrew Logan, the founder and CEO of StreetDelivery, claiming that Ceglia was under contract with him when starting StreetFax, and therefore that interest could possibly belong to Logan, not Ceglia. Logan claims Ceglia is a “real opportunist”.

And you thought this case wouldn’t get any better.

If he wins, I’m pulling out of Facebook. There is no way I can trust him – well, both of them now – with all of my data. Sure, the same could be said for Zuckerberg, but at least he’s making an effort and he respects the Facebook community too much to destroy that hard work. Ceglia looks like the guy who would shut down the company and take all the data and then sell it – most likely to pay of his debts.

Image from: Wellsville Daily

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