Win7 Tablet gets one step closer… with a brilliant UI

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One of the biggest complaints of a Windows 7 tablet has always been how the operating system, despite having all that technology for a tablet, does not have the right UI. Even HP, the guys who showed off the first Windows 7 slate, agrees with that – unceremoniously dumping the product before release. Well, there is now one coming soon. The guys over at UI Centric have released their Macallan UI, which has been designed for Windows 7.

As seen, it is obvious that this is for tablets as the navigation buttons and commands are easy to be seen and touched. It also has the feeling of the UI for Windows Media Center. It also includes multitasking, Flash support and will be able to support video chat with a tablet’s camera (if it has one).

If this becomes the UI for many tablets, Microsoft might be seeing this as a potential acquisition. The gallery is below, while you can watch a demonstration of the tablet after the jump.

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