Security Month: It’s a wrap.

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… and it’s the end of July. Yes, an entire month with posts dedicated on helping you protect your identity and security online. That was our first themed-month, and it was an excellent thing to run on our blog.

We would like to personally thank BitDefender for partnering with us for the month. Hopefully our security-themed articles helped you. And don’t worry, we’re not going to stop covering security – we will be still doing some tips periodically.

And don’t think those entries for our competition go to waste, BitDefender representatives are reading them, and hopefully use this insight to better their already-good security solutions.

If you missed the action, here’s a quickie recap on what happened on Security Month (July):

It might not be a Review Month from a particular site – I bet they got the idea of a themed month from us – but holding something to bring to you your attention protecting yourself, that has got to be something. We might be doing this again, but only time will tell.