Swan hints at filter changes in interview

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Deputy Prime Minister Wayne Swan has revealed that changes could be made to the proposed and controversial internet filter in a recent interview with the ABC/Triple J’s news program Hack.

“Well, it’s possible we could move in different directions,” Swan told the program, also telling listeners that the Communications Minister, Stephen Conroy, has taken into consideration the concerns and is looking and responding to the concerns.

“We have responded to the legitimate concerns of many of your listeners in this area and Stephen Conroy is going through that process now.”

Swan also has disagreed with claims that a vote with Labor is a vote for the internet filter.

Conroy announced last month that the filter implementation would be delayed by a year in order to review what content on the internet would be deemed “refused classification” – the official rating by the Classification Board, which has been tasked to review all material, that would ban all content.

However, three ISPs – Optus, Telstra and Primus – have opted to voluntarily bring in a filter to block out child pornography.

The plan to delay is suggested to have been a move to deflect the issue from the election campaign.

The controversial filter plan was announced two years ago as part of a cyber-safety program announced after winning the election in 2007, under Kevin Rudd.

Image from: ABC/Hack