Foxconn shuts Indian plant after workers poisoned

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Foxconn, the troubled Taiwanese IT manufacturer known with their work with Apple’s iPhone, has suspended its operations after 250 employees in one of its factories in India were hospitalised after being poisoned because of pesticide spraying.

The spraying is said to have occurred last Friday and the problem was alerted to management, according to AFP, as workers “experienced sensations of giddiness and nausea.”

Out of all the 250 employees – which represent almost half of the entire workforce in the plant in Chennai, southern India – only 28 have not been released from hospital and are under observation by medical professionals.

The factory is said to resume production in a week.

Foxconn was recently damaged – in terms of its reputation – after a series of suicides at a production facility in China by jumping, ten of which were located near Shenzhen. The deaths, according to the company, are not work related, but several have claimed the suicides were linked to a family payment benefit scheme within the company if someone died from a work-related incident.

The company, hoping to prevent the suicides, increased the monthly salaries of its workforce in China by nearly 70 percent to 2,000 yuan from October 1.

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