Apple Store Back Online With New Magic Trackpad

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When The Apple Store came back online earlier today, you may have noticed that Apple has released their new Magic Trackpad which has had much speculation over the past month or so. This trackpad is basically an oversized version of the trackpad which has appeared on recent MacBook Pros and is designed to replace your mouse and is selling for $99 on the Australian Apple Store.

The Magic Trackpad connects to your Mac via Bluetooth and also features multitouch functionality. This means that you control your Mac with a series of gestures like swiping through documents and scrolling that senses the momentum in your fingers.

The Magic Trackpad is made out of a wear-resistant glass that Apple state “feels great to touch” and is around 80% bigger than the trackpad found on the MacBook Pros. Apple also state that the Magic Trackpad sits at the same height and angle as their Wireless Keyboard so you can switch from trackpad to keyboard with ease.

I think Apple have started a niche market here which will definitely expand but I can’t see any sort of trackpad replacing my mouse espcially because I can’t imagine what it would be like playing games with a trackpad and not a mouse.

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