Optus announces iPhone plans, Telstra goes on the attack

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Telstra is not the only carrier to have announce their plans for the iPhone 4. The number two mobile carrier, Optus, has announced their plans – with more capacity that makes Telstra looks a little bit stingy when it comes with how much data is included.

While Optus’ plans start at the $19 Extreme Cap plan, it does have a high handset repayment ($60 for 12 months and $25 for 24 month on an iPhone 4 16GB, while it is $72 and $31 respectively on a iPhone 4 32GB), and only comes in with 100MB of data.

The high end, its $79 Extreme Cap plan has 2GB of data, and with no handset repayments for both versions if you signed a 24-month contract. The $59 Extreme Cap plan also has no repayments for the handset for the 16GB model. The $59 and $79 caps have 2GB of data, and have $550 and $800 included value of SMS, MMS, Voicemail, and standard national calls respectively. You also have unlimited calls to any Optus fixed line or mobile.

If you want more data, Optus also offers the Timeless Extreme Plans, which literally gives you enough data to do some iPhone tethering. The $89 cap comes with 3GB, while the $99 cap has 5GB and the $129 cap has 6GB. All three have no handset repayments on a 24-month contract.

All plans, however, are designed for a social-savvy person, so customers on these plans will have unlimited access to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, eBay and Foursquare.

But Telstra has gone on the offensive with a latest blog post about the Optus’ plans.

“As iPhone adoption soared, some Australian networks buckled under the load. Customers reported slow page loads, extended buffering while streaming online media and age-long waits as they tried to update their social networking profiles. For many it was a mobile internet experience closer to dial-up than mobile broadband,” Ross Fielding, Executive Director of Mobility Products over at Telstra, said in a blog post on the Telstra Exchange

“Telcos with foresight invested in their networks to stay ahead of the demand for data. For instance Telstra has now invested more than $2 billion in the Next G network to best ensure customers get the speeds, coverage and reliable access to online services they paid for.”

“Speed matters. You just have to look at what happened when the iPhone 3GS launched on the Next G network to appreciate this. The speed jump (data speeds are around twice as fast on iPhone 3GS than on iPhone 3G when teamed with a capable network) contributed to a 40 per cent increase in data use,” Fielding continues.

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