Apple charging for iPad iOS4 update?

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RUMOUR MILL: If you happen to have an iPad, you might be in for a shock. After paying for so much money on the device that happens to be the must want, despite having no purpose whatsoever, Apple expects you to pay for the iOS4 upgrade that is supposed to be coming out soon, a la the iPod touch major upgrades before the iOS4 upgrade.

Well, that’s if the report on British magazine is to be believed. They claim that an anonymous source said that Apple could be charging at least £5 for the upgrade.

According to the magazine:

Asked how sure they were about the forthcoming iOS 4 charge, our source replied, “Definite.” And we don’t think they’re wrong.

However, I really do not think this will happen. It would be stupid to drop it for the iPod touch and reintroduce it for the next product ‘up’. Plus, the iPad is really no different to the iPod touch, with the exception for the bigger screen size and faster processor.

Also, the move would be very bad for customer relations, as some could perceive this as getting the lost revenue from the iPhone 4 cases by penalising the iPad customers for the iOS4 update.

Would you see this in that way, or do you think paying for it is a good idea? Have your say at our comments section of the post.