Sharp brings 100GB BDXL discs – but only for Japan

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Need that extra storage that you couldn’t get on a standard Blu-Ray disc? Sharp has brought out the first of the new BDXL discs, with its first disc – the VR-100BR1 – able to hold up to 100GB of storage with its triple-layer design.

However, that doesn’t stop there. Akihabara News reports that a 128GB version with four layers on the disc, instead of the normal two found on Blu-Ray discs.

There is one downside. Only Sharp’s latest new DVR, the BD-HDW700, will be the only player (as of now) that will support the new discs.

It will hit Japan on July 30 (they always get the cool stuff) for a price tag of 5000 yen, or AU$65.