Screenshot reveals FaceTime coming to iPod Touch, iPad?

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RUMOUR MILL: It looks like FaceTime is coming for the iPod touch and iPad, albeit in a different way. While the iPhone 4’s FaceTime requires a phone number, the rest of the iOS products don’t have a phone feature, so what’s the next best thing? E-mail.

According to Boy Genius Report, it seems your Apple ID will allow you to login and create a FaceTime, and apparently push notifications will be used to notify you of a FaceTime call.

With this might be a rumour for the iPod touch – and most likely see a front-facing camera for the device, it could also mean that an email account could also be used for the iPhone as an alternative.

However, there is one thing that is certain – this is definitely not coming to the iPad any time soon. Why? It would be too soon to release an updated iPad with a front-facing camera. It just came to Australia in May, and came out in April in America. This would be unlike Apple to release an update to the iPad to add the camera just after three to four months after release.