Windows 7 SP1 Beta released

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Windows 7 LogoWindows 7 has to be, in my view, the best Windows OS since Windows XP, but like all others, it must have a service pack. And while SP1 isn’t coming in a couple of months, a beta of the first service pack for Windows 7 and the server equivalent, Windows Server 2008 R2, has been released.

Of course, you will be left in the dark for any technical support – since it is a beta (Google is your friend) – and we probably should tell you that you should download it at your own risk. But if you are desperate to see any small changes to Windows 7, then feel free to download it.

You can download it from Microsoft’s TechNet site. You would also need to have a current version of Windows 7 and it is a 1.2GB file to download – so you should really use your offpeak, or possibly get a friend to download it for you.