NBN Construction to begin this month

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NBN Co has announced the names of the contractors that will build and deploy the network for the five sites dubbed the “first release sites” on the mainland, with construction to begin at the end of this month, according to its head of construction Patrick Flannigan.

Silcar will be constructing the network in Armidale, NSW, while South Australian electricity distribution network operator will be responsible for constructing the network in Willunga, SA.

Transfield Services will work on the Minnamurra and Kiama Downs sites and Ergon Energy will be constructing the network for Townsville.

However, for Brunswick, NBN Co is currently in discussions on a deal with Telstra that will see the company carrying out the construction for the site, with the possibility of using its own network infrastructure.

Also announced was that the cable from the network to the home, as it is “fibre to the home”, will come at no cost, according to Mike Quigley, the CEO of NBN Co. ZDNet is also reporting that the second-release sites will not pay a cent for installation. It is unknown if the rest of the network’s build out will also pay for the installation costs.

“We will be offering free fibre-to-the-premises connections to home and business owners in the first release sites,” Quigley said.

Second-release sites, announced last week, will be announced from a list of twenty-one contractors. The winner or winners will also be the same for the rest of the mainland’s build out.

Image by Kainet/Flickr