Leak reveals Xbox 360 new dashbord, Kinect-compatible?

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Who loves sketchy leaks? According to a French blog with a weird name (Yes, “Logic Sunrise”), Xbox 360’s Dashboard will be soon getting an upgrade in order to make it more compatible with Project Natal Kinect. However, you can obviously tell that nothing has really changed, except for a change of the background, change in how the squares are presented, a bit of circle action on the bottom-right and an additional icon for the Kinect’s microphone indicator.

New in this update include a “Natal Tuner” – I’m guessing it will be rebranded with Kinect. We can assume it is a calibration tool, but then again, we can’t really read French.

You can see why we are kind of sceptical of the leak because it does say “Natal” and not Kinect, but we can understand maybe that this was a version that may be a beta, but not the latest beta. But why post such a thing? Because, we just love reading rumours. (And don’t say you don’t. We know you do.) More of the images are after the jump.

Source: Logic Sunrise (In French)

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