Pakistani hackers network shutdown as police arrests owners

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Five alleged hackers have been arrested by Pakistani authorities in raids that led to the closure of the website Pakbugs, known for being a community site for hacking and carding – a technique to verify if stolen credit card details are still valid by purchasing something.

The operation, run by the Cyber Crime division of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), went ahead after numerous complaints by, according to a report on PakSpider, “national and multinational organisations” after getting their websites hacked.

Government websites, including the Pakistani Air Force, were also said to be hacked by Pakbugs.

While the FIA arrested five people – including a co-founder, moderators and a VIP-member of the site; the founder of Pakbugs, Jawad Ehsan, is said to not have been arrested and is still at large, according to Gary Warner’s CyberCrime and Doing Time blog. He is said to be still at large in Saudi Arabia, and is charged with 169 website defacements. Four more users are also wanted by the FIA.

According to the press release by the FIA, the people have expertise in a range of criminal techniques including managing botnets, phishing and SQL injections.