Rockstar Games announces new Red Dead Redemption DLCs

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Rockstar Games, the creator of many well know games such as Grand Theft Auto and Midnight Club, has released information about new Downloadable Content (DLC) for their newly released game, Red Dead Redemption.  Rockstar Games has announced the plans for the next four Downloadable Content, one being released in August.

The four new DLC for the games are called ‘Legends and Killers Pack’, ‘Liars and Cheats Pack’, ‘Free Roam Pack’, and ‘Undead Nightmare Pack’.  Legends and Killers Pack is the one being released in August while the other three have yet to be disclosed.

‘Legends and Killers Pack’ will include nine new Multiplayer map locations, doubling from the current number of Multiplayer maps; nine new multiplayer characters, from the original Red Dead Revolver; a new projectile weapon, the Tomahawk; and of course new Trophies for the PS3 and Achievements for the XBOX 360.  The price for this DLC is set to be $9.99 USD/$15.95 AUD for the PS3 and 800 Microsoft Points for the XBOX 360.

‘Liars and Cheats Pack’ will include a new Multiplayer Competitive Mode and Challenges called ‘Attack and Defend’, new Multiplayer horse races with mounted combat, eight new mulitplayer characters, Multiplayer Liar’s Dice and Poker, a new weapon, the Explosive Rifle; and once again, Achievements and Trophies.  The price will be the same as the ‘Legends and Killers Pack’

‘Free Roam Pack’ will include new Free Roam challenges, new action areas and defensive placements, a Posse Leaderboard and a Posse Scoring, and a new ‘anti-griefing’ measuring being included in Free Roam.  The price for this DLC is currently unknown.

‘Undead Nightmare Pack’ will include a brand new single player adventure, challenges and quests; eight new zombie multiplayer characters, new animals will be included, new dynamic events, and will include other DLC that have not been released.  The price is the same as the ‘Legends and Killers Pack’