Play putty comes alive with a magnet

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Wow. That’s about all we can say. This gadget is truly AWESOME! Yes, I know, I’m showing off my inner child, but this is unbelievable (and yet, it is real). Say hello to the Magnetic Thinking Putty, and it is literally just putty with something special – use the included magnet and it comes alive!

Well, it actually is just attracted to the metal. There is no living organisms in the putty. But by doing that, you also make it into a magnet – and can even, so it says, magnetise objects that are non-magnetic. It also acts like normal putty by allowing you to stretch it, tear it and bounce it when in a ball-like shape.

It is only US$13.50 and you can buy it from Vat19, and it is already sold out at the time of writing (but keep looking, you might be lucky and get one). There is also a video, which can be viewed right after the jump.