iPod touch to get camera? Well, it might not fit

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RUMOUR MILL: A UK retailer has claimed that the iPod touch will be getting a brand new refresh sometime in the year for a September release, and is said to be featuring several of the iPhone 4’s new features – including a 5-megapixel camera and HD video recording capabilities.

According to ElectricPig.co.uk, the retailer John Lewis even claims that the iPod refresh will even introduce the accelerometer and gyroscope from the iPhone 4 and FaceTime with a front-side camera.

However, one little problem – the cameras will not fit for the already-slim design of the iPod touch. According to MacRumors, the FaceTime camera is 2.5mm thick and the 5-megapixel camera is 6.5mm thick. The iPod touch is only 8.5mm thick.

So if it wants to fit both cameras, it will need to be at least 9mm thick (the iPhone 4 has a thickness of 9.3mm) – and that means it has to change the design, and that may be following the iPhone’s ditching of the curve with the possibility that the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth antennas could be around the edges.

Want to know what I pick is more likely? The camera, as the iPod nano already has a camera, so the iPod touch should also have a camera or else it would be redundant to have that price tag when it removes a feature from a low-end product.

Plus, FaceTime is for video calling, and I think it does not want an iPod touch to be a cheaper replacement just to call someone on FaceTime via Wi-Fi.