AT&T: iPhone slowness because of faulty software

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Ever got that feeling that your iPhone was slow? Well, according to AT&T, you can now put your blame on another company – Alcatel-Lucent.

According to the carrier, slower loading speeds affecting customers in certain parts of the United States with the iPhone 4, along with some other phones, is due to the software used created by Alcatel-Lucent.

Users would experience this slowness when trying to send data, like photos or an e-mail, from their device.

AT&T estimates that only two percent of its customers are affected by this fault and an update will be sent to patch the problem.

The litany of problems of the iPhone 4 does not bode down well for Apple. It recently just admitted that its phones were overstating the strength of the signal after users complained that there was a drop in signal and quality when holding it in a certain place – which turned out to be what Apple demonstrated to hold the phone. As well, there seems to be a fault with their proximity sensor.

Despite the problems, the iPhone 4 still manages to pull out big numbers for Apple, with 1.7 million of the phones already sold within the first three days.