“Unprecedented Demand” for new Xbox 360, says Microsoft

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While Microsoft has not given out any sales figures for its new Xbox 360 Slim – that one that looks like a partially squashed Xbox 360 but painted in black – it has released a statement that there has been a “significant sales spike” for the console since the release of the slim and the price cuts.

“We are hearing great feedback that the new Xbox 360 [Slim]… is experiencing unprecedented demand,” Microsoft said in the statement.

“Strong demand for the new Xbox 360 250GB combined with a $50 price reduction in the U.S. on the Xbox 360 Arcade and Elite consoles, now US$149.99 and US$249.99 respectively, has resulted in a significant sales spike for Xbox 360 since the new console hit shelves on or around June 14.”

Good for you, Microsoft. The Xbox 360 Slim is already out now in Australia.

Source: Edge