Big W photo kisoks infect customers with virus

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If you have ever used a Big W photo kiosk, then we really suggest you scan your computers right now.

Why? Well, the store has confirmed that some of its kiosks have been infected with malware, after a posting by an IT profesional claimed that his USB was infected with Trojan.Poison-36.

The company told ZDNet Australia, “In a small number of cases we have detected isolated viruses which have been introduced to the machines through a customer’s USB device.”

As Risky Business, a security blog, has found out, Woolworths – the parent company of Big W – has also revealed that most don’t even come with anti-virus protection, and only some are part of a trial.

So, what can you do to avoid such an entanglement? Well, first off, you can always go and use a DVD or CD, especially one that is rewritable so you can write new photos if you want them professionally printed. That way, the nasty malware viruses don’t infect your USB.

As well, if you don’t have anti-virus or anti-malware software, we really suggest you go and get one now! You think you might be safe, but one day, you will be infected.

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