Updated: Wikipedia down because of power outage

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Wikipedia LogoWikipedia, along with the sites belonging to the Wikimedia Foundation, experienced a two hour outage, after a power outage happened at its Florida-based data center, according to Wikipedia.

Overheating problems were initially reported to be the cause of the outage, similar to an incident that happened in March – which took the site down for more than a couple of hours.

“We’re aware that the site isnt (sic) working as usual and we’re figuring out the problem now,” according to a tweet by the Wikipedia team when the outage was reported.

“We’ve figured out the problem: power outage in our Florida data center,” the team posted about an hour and 30 minutes later.

The Wikimedia Foundation is slowly trying to rectify the problem, but it appears that the English version of Wikipedia is known to be up. All other sites are expressing an error message stating that they cannot connect to the database server.

Please note that this story is most likely will be updated as news comes to hand.

Original Post (11:14AM)

Wikipedia, along with the entire Wikimedia Foundation, has experienced an outage which has lasted, at the time of writing, about 40 minutes of the day. The last outage that Wikipedia experienced was in March, and that lasted for a few hours. Unlike the previous outage, which was attributed to an overheating DNS server, we have no idea on what is happening.

The blogs, including its technical blog, run by Wikimedia Foundation are still up.