Fangirl designs iPad bag from pony skin

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Ah yes. Something for that inner greedy person in you. Looks nice, right? This is an iPad bag, with a bag on one side and an iPad case on the other. Yeah, it’s a bit complicated to explain how that works, but the image above can shed some light. This bag is made out of pony skin and leather, according to its creator.

You can also still play with your iPad, despite having a screen protector, as the material will allow the iPad to recognise your gestures. It also has a hole for your earphones. Of course, since it also has a bag component to it, you can carry your laptop along with it, or just carry the items you usually carry along.

This bag is not on sale, as of yet, so don’t expect this to get this to your wife/girlfriend any time soon. Video is after the jump.