iOS icons recreated only using CSS

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What an interesting find we have here. These, of course, are the icons you will find in iOS. However, these ones above are not images, all of them were created just using normal HTML code and CSS3. Wait, what?

Produced by the Louis Harboe, the icons look exactly like their iOS counterparts. These icons utilised what the W3C – the guys who create the standards that we use to render this site – have outlined in CSS3 and HTML – which makes it more of a web developer’s delight, as it shows exactly how powerful CSS3 is in styling the web.

This might actually be a test on which browsers support CSS3 now, as this only works for the latest versions of Google Chrome and Apple Safari.

To be fair, Webkit – what Chrome and Safari are based on – is the only rendering engine that fully supports CSS3. Mozilla supports it, but under the -moz prefix, which highlights that Mozilla isn’t ready to implement the right CSS3 syntax. We’re unknown about Opera’s position, but we know that Internet Explorer is way off in implementing CSS3.

Though, they really look nice. You can view them on his website.